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Back in year 2010 i received call from RCN and offering me discount so i will switch over from time warner and i was told that each month i will pay about $57 something like that!

After about 6 months i notice that i have been double billed, they also go behind my back and billed another time to my coop board to my unit ( and in turn the coop management company added this $40 something per month charge into my monthly maintenance bill

which i didnt realized till 6 months or so later as i pay my maintenance with bank direct transfer so i didnt see it for a few months!

When i called RCN they said yes you did get the service for $57 and they ignore the fact that i pointed out they also billed my coop board and i was charged for the extra charge which i was not told ( so in fact i ended up paying more than when i was with time warner)

but I have been paying them the monthly service fee in full regardless of the dispute

When i decided to cancel my RCN account then they invented another charge - the cancellation fee which i was not informed as well and i refused to pay!

since i was already double charged for a long period and i refuse to be robbed for more!

2 years later they send this cancellation fee along with lots of interest charge for the cancellation fee that is not paid to collection agency and it go on my credit report which causing me being rejected from a business loan for my new business venture and as well as being rejected from an apartment rental! I used have a credit score close to 810 and now it has dropped significantly because of this and i have been always on time on paying my bill and proud to have an excellent credit and I will fight to get my justice.

I have decided to use a lawyer and will like to gather all the victims for a class action against this company who is robbing the new yorker and ruining people's life after overcharging people!

Anyone interested in participate in this lawsuit can email me at

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Rcn Verified Representative

Emily - I am sorry for to hear of your issue with RCN. I would be more than willing to look into this "cancelation fee??" for you. If you would email me at, Attention: Emilie, I will look into this right away.


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